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Successful fishing with ease. No miscalculations. No disappointments. You control your sea destiny today with SPY.



  • Long Slide
  • Long Spiral Dart
  • Vibrate Fall 



The history and records of this jig speak for itself in the area of Slow-Pitching. It keeps a zest from High-Pitching types of jigs and is consistently a high achiever. Even after the jerking, it continuously works for you, avoiding the rapid vertical drop to ease the wariness of your prospective catch. And it keeps appealing to the fish while falling. At high-pitch, in addition to the jumping, it induces bites during the fall. At slow-pitch, it can handle a wide range from large rockfish to strong migratory fish. When in doubt, it will almost certainly save your sea day.



●80g ●100g ●140g ●180g ●250g ●300g ●400g ●500g ●600g ●700g ●800g ●900g ●1000g


Weights & Colors in stock:

  • 800g #50 Smoke Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]
  • 1000g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 1000g #41 Red Zebra [SUPER GLOW]

Price varies on weight, hologram variations, and addition glow.

**Pictures that are shown for colors in stock do not reflect jig shape.


Made in Tosa, Designed by Higashimura


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