UK Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon eLED (L1) Lantern Grip

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UK Light Cannon eLED (L1)

Best & Brightest


  • New Bezel - Tough rubber bezel protects against impact
  • Patented Lumen Booster - Improves LED efficiency by pulling heat away from the LEDs
  • Dual Power - Locking switch toggles from high to low power
  • Will Not Corrode - Tough Composite Body, HYDRALUM® and Engineering Polymer components will hold up for 20 years in seawater

High Beam Ratio

UK's patented optics system puts 63% of the total lumens into the center beam, delivering outstanding seeing distance with minimal glare. Other lights only put 40% of the total lumens into the center beam.


  • Lumens: 1100 (high) / 440 (low)
  • Batteries: 8C Alkaline / LR14 Disposable (8 x C alkaline included)
  • Waterproof Depth: 500ft / 150m
  • Burn Time: 16hrs (high) / 20hrs (low)
  • Weight: 36oz / 1.02kg
  • Grip: Lantern



Visit UK website here for more information, including user manual and product sheet.



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