Dappy Firefly Squid

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Nikko Kasei Dappy Firefly Squid 3 inch

Next Generation Soft Baits

Infused with Squid Extract | Made with powerful fish attracting technologies

Nikko's Dappy Firefly Squid is packed with 150x the scent of ordinary baits. Made of Nikko's revolutionary ultra-soft Dappy material, these floating baits move and undulate like the real thing, and combined with the powerful scent, natural movement and undulation, fish just cannot resist. With superior hook retention, these baits can be rigged in a large number of ways.

Fish like a pro with Nikko's next generation of ultra-finesse soft plastics. Super soft & flexible, these baits have incredible action. Made with Nikko's proprietary nanotechnology and Japan-famous quality, these floating baits are biodegradable, swallow-safe and toxin free! Nikko's amazing all natural blend of fish attractants is built into the baits. Just stretch to recharge! No liquids or sprays needed. With unrivaled durability, catch many times more fish vs. regular plastics. In some cases, Dappy baits may experience shrinkage after extended exposure to air.