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Tight Rolling
Heavy Weight Vibration

Japan Custom Quality


  • SGV95001 - Red Gold Glow Belly
  • SVG95002 - Green Gold Orange Belly
  • SVG95003 - Red Belly Sardine
  • SVG95004 - Burning Sardine
  • SVG95005 - Pink Back Rainbow Glow Belly
  • SVG95006 - Chartreuse Back Rainbow Orange Belly
  • SVG95007 - Flash Pink Glow Belly
  • SVG95008 - Pink Head Glow
  • SVG95009 - Silver Bait Glow Belly

Size: 95mm (3-3/4in)

Body weight: 28g (1oz)

Hook: Treble hook #5 (front and rear)

SGravityy (surf, gravity) vibration is a tight rolling type vibration developed with surf games as its main field.

The internal structure is designed to increase strength with a penetrating wire, and the front hook eye has a built-in ball bearing to ensure a secure hook and reduce breakage when biting from below.

The thin body shape reduces air resistance and increases flight distance, and when reeling, the body drains water and vibrates little by little, giving it a flashing effect. When you add jerk action, it darts left and right and glares! This causes a flat action and stimulates the target's predatory switch. It has a natural appeal with a tight rolling wave that travels all the way to your hands. The easy stop-and-go method and jerk action make this vibration easy for anyone to use. In addition to flat fish, it also supports lunker targets such as bluefish and sea bass, and is a tight rolling type vibration with excellent operability that allows you to enjoy the surf game without stress.