Cultiva Jigger Light Dansa Hold JD-25

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Strong against slipping out!! This design is recommended for slow jigs.
Specialized for near-shore light jigging.

Hook a fish quicker with these double assist hooks!


  • Designed for endurance
  • Built with TAFF® WIRE
  • "Plus Edge" Flat Eye (Eyeless)
  • Long Tapered Straight Point
  • Corner bend to secure fish
  • Flattened shank
  • Processed with rust-resistant "super tin"
  • Assist line with fluorocarbon core
  • Hook: Cultiva Jigger Light Hold

Approximate Strength:

  • #1/0: 16lb (7.6kg)
  • #2/0: 24lb (11.1kg)
  • #3/0: 25lb (11.2kg)
  • #4/0: 35lb (16.1kg) 
  • #5/0: 38lb (17.6kg)

Each pack comes with two double assist hooks.