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Rhythmical action and great in cross currents.

Weights & Colors in stock:

  • 100g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 150g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 200g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 250g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 300g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 350g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 400g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 450g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 500g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 550g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 600g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 700g #50 Smoke Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]
  • 700g #52 Blue Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]
  • 700g #56 NS Tune Red Zebra [GLOW]
  • 730g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 730g #52 Blue Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]

Price varies on weight, hologram variations, and addition glow.

**Pictures that are shown for colors in stock do not reflect jig shape.


  • Quick Dart
  • Spiral Fall
  • Slalom 


Slow- Skip FB is the type we call an ‘all around good jig’. It does not give you a distinctive character among our Slow-Skip Series. On the other hand, it has all the features desired in a jig. You can’t find a better option to use as a pilot lure to check the conditions under water. The jump when you jerk the jig is sharp yet stable in the fall. It may quite reasonably be called a masterpiece.


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Made in Tosa, Designed by Higashimura