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Completely different, another SPY.



  • Atop & Fall
  • Slalom



It was for Hiramasa of Genkainada. The Spy-V was created to meet his dynamic fishing ambition to hook a fish during the fall in excess of 10 meters. As we continued on with our testing, we discovered an unexpected result. In both Slow-Pitch jerking and Long-Fall jerking, the Spy[-]V was effective for migratory fish as well as rockfish. We had to add it to our product line, among them, a 250g lure for shallower depths and a 600g model for deeper water. These items make excellent allies in huge and the monster class fishing. Spy and Spy-V share some similarities, but each has distinct characteristics. People who have a deeper understanding for slow-pitch jerking seem to be able to differentiate the features. None the less, our concept “anyone can catch with ease” will never change even Spy-V.



●40g ●60g ●80g ●100g ●130g ●150g ●180g ●200g ●220g ●250g ●300g ●350g ●400g ●450g ●500g ●550g ●600g ●700g ●800g ●850g ●900g ●950g ●1000g ●1500g


Weights & Colors in stock:

  • 100g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 150g #29 NS Zebra [GLOW]
  • 200g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 250g #35 Panda Glow 3 [GLOW]
  • 250g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 350g #17 Silver Smoke
  • 400g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 500g #08 Blue Tangerine Iwashi
  • 500g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 500g #41 Red Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 600g #08 Blue Tangerine Iwashi
  • 600g #17 Silver Smoke
  • 600g #40 NS Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 600g #41 Red Zebra [SUPER GLOW]
  • 700g #28 Aluminum Silver
  • 700g #50 Smoke Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]
  • 800g #38 Parrot (Aluminum silver back)
  • 800g #50 Smoke Nude Spot [SUPER GLOW]

Price varies on weight, hologram variations, and addition glow.

**Pictures that are shown for colors in stock do not reflect jig shape.


Made in Tosa, Designed by Higashimura


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