Fill Up The Cooler - THE LONG ONE Jigs

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Beam with pride and catch the monsters! Dogtooth Tunas, Blackjacks, Greater Amberjacks, Red Snappers, Goliath Groupers and other predator fish frequent these turbulent currents. For these tough waters, you'll need a technical jig that will slice through the currents and reach those deep drops quickly and with ease.

After tireless innovation from the original design,  THE LONG ONE achieved its peak performance potential to date. It slides effortlessly through rough currents and boasts precise falling actions, activating SuperFlash® Technology, making this jig irresistible to any species of fish, from bottom dwellers to roaming predators.

A must have in your tackle arsenal to handle those rapid currents and deep-sea drops! Be confident in knowing that you'll get the BIG one cause you have THE LONG ONE.