Ikatan Artificial Squid Scented Strips

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Nikko Kasei Ikatan BIG Squid Strips 5.7 inch


Ikatan Bait is artificial squid strips. It's better than cut bait! Ikatan squid strips pack a unique squid based scent, unrivaled durability and action which make these must-have baits.

Can be fished just like cut bait, used as trailers, fished like worms, or put on jig heads and also works great as deep bottom fishing bait.

Stretching up to 5 times the length, this bait will last through many catches. Strips designed to used as a pair (double tail) or cut into single strips.
Lengths can be easily cut for a shorter presentation.


4 colors available: Blue Glow, Keimura Red, Keimura Orange, Keimura Keylime

(Keimura: UV Glow)