Shimano TH-202N Bobbin Winder

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Shimano TH-202N Bobbin Winder Knotter Heavy Type Black Gold

Shimano Bobbin Knotter helps you tie monofilament leaders to braid main line by RP knot, with superb knot strength, average 90% by 45 turns. Forget weak unreliable knots to lose your fish!

For your reference, strength of knots are following:

  • Albright knot 5 turn-5re-turn 60%
  • Uni5-uni5 knot 50%
  • Bristol 70%
  • SF knot 15 crossing 70%
  • FG knot 15crossing 80%
  • Bimini twist 70%.


  • Length: 75mm (3in)
  • Weight: 51g (1.8oz)
  • Drag: About 20N (2kg/4.4lb)
  • Line Compatibility: PE #1.5~8.0


How to tie leader and braid by PR knot using knotter:

  1. Thread the braid main line from the top of needle and hold the end between the black rubber bands. Pull line and wrap it to body metal spool by 12 turns.
  2. Hold the main line end and leader together, and then slowly wrap the braid loosely with some gaps for 7cm 3 inches.
  3. Then, make line column backwards without any gap over the loose wrapping for 7cm.
  4. Remove the knotter and treat the end of braid by making half hitch for at least 7 times.
  5. Cut the excess lines and done. Please tighten the knot slowly to test if the knot is made tight.